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Domestic Vehicles


The worldwide automotive market offers just about anything you could imagine in a vehicle, and the domestic manufactures provide every type of vehicle and then some! At ESS, we realize that each manufacture is different. A Ford Focus requires a different maintenance or repair plan from a Cadillac CTS, and ESS is able to adapt from one vehicle to the next with the same quality as the dealer. With so many multi-vehicle households, it is a great benefit to have a facility like ESS to handle repairs and service for all the different makes and models of cars and trucks. More than an oil change, when you bring your vehicle to ESS, it is checked out for trouble spots that you might not be aware of. Serpentine belts, cooling hoses, air filters, tires, battery terminals, all fluids, and lighting are checked, and you are advised of any concerns we might have.

A check engine light can have many meanings, and ESS is equipped to decipher the codes your vehicle has presented. Once the problem is diagnosed, you are provided with a detailed estimate for parts and labor, as well as a time frame for completion of repairs. Some of the services offered include, suspension and steering parts replaced, lubed, and adjusted, emission parts such as oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters. Fuel systems cleaning, fuel pump replacement, fuel injector services are provided to bring your performance and fuel economy back to proper use. Cars, mini vans, SUV’s and pickup trucks are all handled with dedicated and quality service.

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