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European Vehicles


European vehicles showcase some of the most impressive technology and performance in the automotive world. From Italian supercars to German diesel luxury, and everything in between, ESS is here for your European vehicle needs. ESS is an acronym for European Specialty Service. While today you will find every kind of vehicle serviced at ESS, the initial focus (so many years ago!) was the European market. Coming from a deep rooted love of Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar cars, ESS has grown to master all the Europeans sends. Synthetic oil changes and ceramic brake pad replacement along with a complete repair and service plan are offered for your European vehicle. Massive V-12 engines from Ferrari and Lamborghini, high performance engines V-8’s from BMW and Jaguar, and turbo gasoline engines from SAAB provide a vast range of needs that ESS can fulfill.

European vehicles are well regarded for their handling and comfortable rides. The suspension systems on European vehicles can be a delicate repair, with magnetic shocks, multi link arms, and electronic ride control being a few of the components that provide that wonderful driving experience. ESS offers fluid service, adjustments, tuning and part replacement for all types of suspension and drive train systems as well as all other aspects of your European vehicle. The luxury SUV market seems to be fine tuned from the Europeans. Growing from the original SUV, the Mercedes Unimog, European SUV’s, trucks and vans have developed into a wide range of use. Vehicles Land Rover Range Rover, and the Mercedes G-Wagon, has expanded to luxury vehicles that can take you through some of the most rugged off road areas with no hint of hesitation.

ESS offers a complete menu of service for any gearing, axel, drive train and off road parts to keep your European on the road or off the beaten path safely and the same level of quality originally produced from the factory. It is also understood that not every SUV is destined to go over the river and through the woods. Vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport are high performance with the same level of respect and quality service offered.

The European market has brought us some of the most incredible supercars. From the Bugatti Veyron, to the stoic Ferrari 308 GT, the realm of European performance has never been overlooked at ESS. Providing service to such an impressive category of vehicles is what ESS is all about.

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