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ESS Cares

ESS Cares About Our Environment:



Along with Malek’s dedication to quality work at the right price, he is focused on a different kind of green! A majority of businesses and individuals have began “going green” or changing their habits to better the environment.  Malek started ESS with green practices ahead of the current trend!

From the very way ESS Fleet Service heats our garage, to the disposal of parts and waste materials, ESS has been committed to safe and environmentally friendly actions from the day one.

Remaining oil from oil changes is used to heat our shop with energy efficient clean burning heaters.  These heaters are approved by the state of Texas, the fire marshal, EPA, and OSHA.  In fact, we recycle everything at certified recyclers within the state of Texas: from used tires, glass, paper, plastic, chemicals, and more.  We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products, including our floor cleaning agent which is approved by the state of Texas.  This allows us to keep our facilities extraordinarily clean and safe for our employees and patrons.  We make sure to take the extra effort so our customers and community can have peace of mind.


ESS Cares About Our Community:

ESS carries on a tradition of being an active supporter and contributor to several local and national charities, as well as many respectable organizations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including:











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