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In today’s automotive world, with $60,000.00 Hyundai’s and stock 4 door Mitsubishi’s that run the track with Lamborghini’s, understanding the vehicles that the Asian market has to offer is an ever changing experience! With ESS, you can feel confident that your Asian vehicle is getting the best and up to date service that rivals the dealers.

Along with the typical services such as brake jobs, and fuel pumps, ESS offers a full range of service. Understanding variable valve and inference engines is the first step in your vehicles performance. Valve adjustments, timing belt service, and even deep cleanings are preventive steps that go beyond an oil change to ensure the life of your engine. While most manufactures are incorporating variable valve or inference engines in modern vehicles, the Asian automobiles have long used them. This type of system is also found in the majority of passenger vehicle diesel engines. Turbo’s are another up and coming system being used across the range of vehicles. While common on every diesel engine in passenger vehicle, the Asian auto’s implementing this technology on passenger vehicles with gasoline engines has come a long way. A turbo charged engine is smaller and provides an economical situation that calls for more air and less fuel. A turbo is just like any other mechanical component, and needs to be checked regularly to ensure long life.

All wheel drive systems are a common option on many Asian cars and SUV’s. Fluid service on these systems is an important part of maintenance, and repair and replacement of gears and bearings are another area that ESS can handle for you.

The Asian automotive history brought small, lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles to the US, and while the majority have been value leaders, high performance, and luxury applications have infused to become a popular automotive purchase. From the Kia Rio to an Infinity QX, ESS can provide you with quality service with reasonable cost.

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