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Medium Duty Vehicles


The demanding life of a metroplex service requires different types of vehicle. The medium duty truck is the true workhorse for city life. A Mitsubishi Fuso can be used as everything from a refrigerated delivery truck to a gooseneck puller with a utility body. The same thing goes with most every medium duty truck on the market. At ESS, not only are the engine, drive train and chassis serviced on your vehicle, the application is taken care of as well. Wrecker and recovery equipment can require new cables and winch set ups. Delivery trucks have roll up doors and lift gates that need attention. Even shuttle bus with a wheel chair lift get top notch service and repairs.

Hydraulics are used on many medium duty applications. From a simple lift gate to a more complex boom system, ESS can handle every component. High-pressure lines and fittings, sensors, electrical and fluid controls, and pumps are no problem at ESS. Rams are serviced and resealed if leaking, and rebuilt if needed.

Electrical components can be a vital part of your medium duty truck. If your truck has electrical controls for a wheel chair lift, or inverters to provide for chargers and tools, you have the power at ESS.

Auxiliary heating and air-conditioning provides comfort and practicality in buses, delivery trucks, or mobile office and store trucks. ESS can install new engine driven systems, roof mount systems, and under body systems. Repairing existing systems with quality parts specified fluid levels, new seals and gaskets, provide you with a level of comfort beyond that cool air.

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