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Commercial Equipment


Commercial equipment and special service vehicles provide a wide range of use. No matter what your application, ESS provides a complete menu of service and repairs to keep you in business.

Fork Lift– Propane service, natural gas service, diesel service, electric truck service, CNG and propane conversion, brake service, engine overhaul, PTO service, hydraulic service, high pressure line, chain drive service, new battery, fork and attachment repair, steering service and repair, drive train service, new tires, solid tires, electrical service and repair.

Tractor and Implement– PTO service, new PTO clutch, rebuild PTO clutch, hydraulic service, hydraulic pump rebuild, new hydraulic pump, coupling pin, receiver hitch, high pressure hose, hydraulic lines and fittings, fuel system service, steering service and repair, counter weight set up, attachment service and repair, bucket repair, boom service, blade service, HVAC repair, new starter, new fuel injector, high pressure oil pump, solid tires, combine tires, track installation and service, drive train service, rebuild transmission, new transmission, electrical service and repair.

Generator– Fuel system service, cooling service, valve and piston repair, engine oiling, load testing, new stator, stator service, gen set replacement, line out set up, remote starter, switching, exhaust service, new battery, isolator.

Lawn and Garden– Small engine repair, new battery, turf tires, new blade, sharpen blade, deck service, fuel service, new drive belt, new attachment belt, chain drive service.

Lift Gate– New lift installation, hydraulic service, new ram, deck replacement, chain drive service, pressure line repair, electrical switch, safety chain, latch assembly, access plate, flange lighting replacement and repair, bumper stop.

Wheel Chair Lift– New lift installation, rebuild lift, new ram, new seal kit, platform repair, folding arm, switch box repair, new sensor, new servo, hydraulic service, new fitting, electrical service, ignition and park lock service.

Bucket Truck– Hydraulic service, high pressure lines, hose fitting, sensors, limiter, PTO service, boom service, seal and gasket replacement, control repair, outrigger service.

Police and Safety– Emergency and warning lighting installed. Siren, PA and speakers installed. Switching, console, gunlock, transport seat, partition, computer stand, communication radios, and camera systems installed. Decal, reflective markings, and paint. Complete up fitting, from new vehicle to refurbishing. Surveillance van refurbish and building.

Ambulance and EMS– Air Conditioning service, electrical service, oxygen delivery service, remounting, emergency lighting repair and update, box remodeling and update, box and compartment door repair. Decals, logos, reflective markings and painting. Loading bumper replacement. Stretcher mount repair and installation. Fly car and response vehicle up fitting.

Large Equipment Repairs in Dallas– At ESS Fleet Service we service a wide variety of equipment.

Call us with questions about Large Equipment Repairs in Dallas.

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